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Image by Merylove Crafts

Time to Share My Journey

It starting on the Northside of West Erie Avenue when I decided to allow my creative juices to flow. As I seriously reflect on my beginning, I felt I had a GOD GIVEN talent that was only being featured during my family's Kwanzaa celebration. I was creating things without any real passion; but the little candle of light could no longer be extinguished once I attended a free coaching seminar at my church, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. I became intrigued with the seminar information which birth my passion of crochet story. This is when "The Crochet Star" was born. The talent God has given me could no longer be hidden. Proverb 31:17-19 is my favorite Bible scripture which represents my business philosophy.
This is my journey and I hope you'll allow me to create for you.
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