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Dissertation On Smes

Abstract Small and medium scale enterprises are the back born of the economy in developed and undeveloped countries. The economic contribution of SMEs to the GDP and employment of the countries are...

  • The SMEs nomenclature issued to mean small and medium-sized enterprises (ILO, 1998). SMEs cover non-farm economic mainly manufacturing, mining, commerce and activities services. There is no universally accepted definition of SME. Different countries use various measures of size depending on their level of development.

  • This master dissertation focuses on the challenges and strategies for SMEs in the internationalization process. Particularly it focuses on perceived challenges from resource-based view. In order to describe the challenges, the study focuses on those resources that SMEs needed in the initial stage of the internationalization process.

  • It is widely accepted that SMEs are an important development agent, but sometimes they are analysed not like an agent by themselves, but as a group of firms creating (the group) another agent. This...

Dissertation On Smes - Essay Help 24x7

Dissertation On Smes - Essay Help 24x7

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